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Agario cheats & Agario hacks: Tips


Let’s start with explaining exactly what this game is. If you haven’t already seen it then chances are you will hear about it soon. This game is gaining popularity very quickly. First, it is an online game where players can play together at the same time. There can be up to one hundred thousand people playing at any one time. No, they are not all in the same game. This new and quickly growing popular browser game presents you and other players as small cells on a virtual game board, where the goal is to eat smaller cells while avoiding larger cells that will eat you. It’s simple, if not boring, graphics hold no relevance to the users addicted to this game. Another curious element of this browser game is the nicknames that provide the design of the cell. More and more people are beginning to play this new popular browser game Agar.io, so we decided to create Agar.io cheats.


I realize that many don’t even want to consider playing with a hack or 0a cheat. I would have agreed with you. But, it can be exceptionally annoying when you are a very tiny circle and working diligently to simply get a little larger. Out of nowhere a huge circle comes along and eats you. You are instantly left to begin again and it will take some time to get back to where you were. If you want to get large enough to place on the Leaderboard then it can take up to a half an hour.

Agario cheats in action


There are many options to choose from in Agar.IO hacks and Agario cheats. And there are few things to watch out for. There are many that require you to download software to your cell phone and/or computer. There are obvious potential security concerns when downloading anything. You want to find a site that has a stellar reputation. This will ensure that you are not putting your devices at risk. If you haven’t played Agar.IO yet then we recommend trying it. You will see why it is so much fun and addicting. If you find yourself stuck and/or get frustrated then come back to our site for one of the premier Agario hacks out there. We will never put your devices at risk. We simply offer results.


The Agar.io cheats and Agar.IO hacks that we offer are considered one of the best out there. They are popular because they are a great way to increase your in game achievement. Using your nickname you can let a automated bot play for you. This means that you will win every game. The bot is able to study the game board and react with the speed of a computer. Other live players simply don’t have a chance. So, why should you consider using our Aga.IO cheats and Agar.IO hacks?


Downloadable hacks are just an alternative Agar.io hacks method. These types of hacks are going to tell you to download and install software to your cellphone or personal computer to run whenever you play the game. Agar.io Cheats that need to be downloaded generally do, downloading these cheats or hacks poses certain risks to your devices that you ought to take into account prior to adding them to your electronic devices. These types of Agar.io hacks tools typically won’t deliver as many of the capabilities as an online version, and this is the reason online versions are significantly better than downloads. The online version will automatically insert code into your internet browser, so each time you begin to play the game, it presents options to choose. Don’t worry. Your internet browser only connects to our servers when there is an internet connection. So whether you are new to the AGAR.IO craze or just an avid player in need of an extra boost, AgarioCheats.net is your trusted source for Agar.io tools. Our generators are guaranteed to help you gain the advantage you need.


Using Agrar.io hack tools online or as a program which can be downloaded has some potential risks. The use of hacks and cheats is not appreciated in many games you purchase or download for your phone and computer. You can even get banned and blocked for using them in order to be better than other players. We in Agar.io appreciate players who rather use skills than cheats in order to succeed, be better than other players and overcome challenges. Online and downloadable cheats sofware has another risk – you can easily download viruses and malware with them. Your computer can get damaged, since these attach themselves to cheats and hacks. The pleasure of playing with cheats in the end is nothing compared to price you have to pay to repair your computer. Many people who use our software both online or downloaded are satisfied with it in many ways. You will:

  • Be able to be dominant in Agar.io
  • Easily overtake other players
  • Have more fun while playing and not having to be careful with hacks and cheats
These cheats are good for beginners. You can overcome troubles you have while learning to play the game and improve your skills.


It is your choice as a player whether you are going to use an online version of Agar.io generator or not. Playing with a bot gives you the benefit of being equal with players who are using same types of software to be better than beginners and not very skilled players. What is the reward? Your experience of playing will be better and more fun, also you will easily adjust to the gameplay without using cheats. There, of course, is a possibility of playing without the hacks, and learning how to play. But this means those who use cheats will gain advantage over you, and losing will be annoying. This does not mean there is a right or wrong way to play this game. It is completely up to you to decide how your game experince will look like.


If you take a look, you will see that the advantages and options we provide you with cannot be found on many sites. We provide you with a wide variety of references which can help you achieve different advantages. These include speed, zoom and double size and make sure you progress in the game. With our book of tricks, you can be dominant in your gameplay. You will be able to see how close the opponents are before even seeing them on the screen. This is useful for both beginners and players who are big enough. You dont have to be threatened anymore by the opponents. Check out new online Agar.io hack for your gameplay! Using it, you can both learn and takeover other players with ease and fun.


Playing this browser based game can be fun experience but it can also be very disappointing cause progress can be tough one. Road to success is not always easy but it's for sure worth your time. When you are hunter,on top of the leaderboard,game becomes much more fun. Better experience and your wish to keep playing is much higher. Just keep avoiding green viruses,so other players won't be able to hit you so one should be able to keep its top position for longer period of times. If playing teams then try to be close to bigger cell,this way protection is guaranteed until you become #1,then other players will keep surrounding yours cell,which is usually good mark. Just keep it that way so other people will love you also,they will know you are best player. But without using our online software tools this can be very hard for most people. So should you use it? Find out in Conclusion! If you are from France make sure you use our Agario Astuce version.